Can You Influence With TECH...?
The MOST-Intensive Technology-focused Virtual Bootcamp for Executives, Speakers, Facilitators, and sales Leaders.
Now that everyone and their Mom is using Zoom for meetings, you need to find a NEW way to stand out from the competition unless you like showing up like everyone else. If you are leading your organization, a meeting, or a presentation that calls participants to take action, you need to strongly consider enrolling in our six month virtual bootcamp today.
What You Will Learn From Your Participation:
Secret #1: Build a Micro Studio on a Tight Budget
Save thousands of dollars when building your professional in-home studio for virtual meetings and events.
Secret #2: Preach and Teach With New Tools
Reduce your time to task when creating meaningful experiences that transfer knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
Secret #3: Outrageous Value Creation
Add multiple value-added deliverables that help participants take your ideas and put them into action.
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Why this virtual experience is dramatically different from anything else you have seen...
Dear influencer,
I'm glad you found this page. Or someone has forwarded it to you because they want you to improve too. Today you will have a choice to dramatically improve the way you show up for virtual meetings. And, you will be able to command influence, make a contribution or help someone improve during any virtual meeting you show up.

My name is Doug Devitre, a Certified Speaking Professional designated by the National Speakers Association and commercially published author of Screen to Screen Selling, a book that I have been told was ahead of its time.  It wasn't until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, business had fundamentally changed. In some areas it was illegal to conduct business in person. You would either be fined or jailed. How is that for some motivation for you? You needed to figure out how you were going to have meaningful conversations by video meetings, provide the best type of help given the circumstance, and learn how to make the most out of the technology you already had.

You see some people use virtual backgrounds and narrate PowerPoint presentations. I hope you are not one of them. That is definitely one way to conduct business but it isn't the best. That is probably one of the most boring, off-putting, and wasteful uses of someone's time. If you want to really engage participants in a meaningful way, they you must have a NEW set of skills that complement the virtual environment and add to your existing communication and leadership toolbox. 

In the Internet minute you really only have a few seconds to engage someone in a virtual conversation or presentation. Because if you don't then that person will be off checking their text messages, email, Facebook notifications, and find a shinier object to pass their time. You could totally lose someone because they closed their laptop and found a more meaningful way to spend their time. Are you willing to take that risk by showing up as a talking head?

We are at the intersection of urgency around technical skills and talent management. You can't just be show up and throw up presenter. You have to master the technology that comes with it in the virtual environment. Now. No more excuses. You can't afford not to anymore. You don't need another designation or certification. You need some virtual survival skills that are going to lead you and your people into the future. As you continue to read this six month virtual bootcamp agenda, I want you to think about how many more people you could reach, how many more people you could help, and how much fun you could be having by doing it with the right approach without the technology or the excuses getting in the way.

Your friend,

Doug Devitre, CSP
What We Will Cover...
New and experienced professionals will benefit from the depth of curriculum covered in this program.  If you are new, you will save a decade off your learning curve.  If you are already at the top of your game, you will find fresh ways to keep your content relevant.  Below is a quick peek at each of the ten skill categories where you will see a noticeable difference from your participation.
How to Build an In-Home Professional Video Studio
  • Optimizing your Internet speed: Never be the one who keeps your group behind because of not knowing how to be resourceful to speed up your Internet connection.
  • Webcams, video cameras, and accessories: Compare which products will add the most value, improve reliability, and are priced right so you can show up your best every time.
  • Microphones and soundboards: The best video meetings are supported with the best sounding microphone, media player, and sound effects played from a soundboard.
How to Increase Virtual Participant Value, Digitally
  • The strategic multiplier :  Learn how to conduct exercises that allow your host to receive the most amount of value from participants, strategic partners, and sponsors.
  • Livestream vs. recorded video:  Write learning objectives so participants can implement and close measurable performance gaps.
  • Mobile project management: Turn your PDFs into actionable guides that help your participants take massive action from your expertise.
 How to Improve Virtual Participant Experiences
  • The art of the screen share: How to demo any website, telestrate digital whiteboard annotations, and fill in the blank visuals.
  • Skill transfer on steroids: Conduct exercises during virtual presentations so that participants can demonstrate skills learned while the session is taking place in real time.
  • Participant chat engagement: Learn how to get participants talking to warm them up for future discussions where chat engagement adds value to the conversation.
Innovative Technology You Can't Ignore Anymore
  • Shortcuts on steroids: Access any computer program, program command, video scene with camera angle, and website with one click of a button.
  • File management, storage, and security: Choose the most effective file storage tool for different use cases that adhere to the most reliable and access management protocol.
  • Voice commands and assistants: Access knowledge bases from smart speakers that you know how to program yourself without being able to write a single line of code.
Reduce Technical Failure and Minimize Your Risk
  • Activity monitors: Limit the chances of your computer crashing on you during a presentation by monitoring resources used by multiple applications at the same time.
  • Avoid costly set up mistakes: Reduce the likelihood of you making mistakes with participants, meeting hosts, course sponsors, and planning teams.
  • Maintain control and integrity of session : Ensure each virtual meeting adheres to strict guidelines that share how participants can maximize their participation without technical difficulties.
How to Give Dynamic Virtual Presentations
  • Preacher mode: How to use your webcam to build rapport, explain concepts, and move participants to take action during the virtual presentation.
  • ​Teacher mode: How to use the entire screen and multiple applications running at the same time in order to transfer knowledge, skill, and behaviors to participants.
  • ​Engagement mode: The right language to use for different stages of the presentation you can use in order to increase participant engagement.
How to Sell Your Program During a Video Meeting
  • Scheduling meetings: Increase on time meetings with decision makers by sending the meeting invitation, instructions, and agenda.
  • One to ones: How to ask the right questions at the right time to position your value proposition in a way that solves your meeting host's most pressing need.
  • In the boardroom: Gain support from multiple virtual participants at the same time by understanding what, how, and when to participate in the discussion to make the sale.
How to Increase Effectiveness of Virtual Team Meetings
  • More on time meetings: Avoid waiting for participants to join on time by sending out meeting invitations, agendas, and  notes in advance with ease.
  • Decrease meeting length:  Learn ways to advance the agenda of the meeting to focus on meeting specific outcomes in the least amount of time.
  • Establish explicit virtual meeting policies: Create your virtual meeting policies and hold participants accountable to the policy for how they use collaborative technology.
How to Start Live Broadcasting From Your Mobile Device
  • Facebook Live vs. YouTube Live: Choose between the most effective channel that meets your specific mobile broadcast needs.
  • Mobile devices and accessories: Choose the best devices and accessories for producing your livestream and creating the best experience.
  • Repurpose content for marketing: ​Leverage the livestream as a resource to create multiple media files to be used across several digital media channels.
Productivity Hacks That Will Save You an Hour a Week
  • Browser extensions and plug ins: Significantly save the amount of time it takes to operate key tasks used to schedule meetings, create screen capture videos, and access other frequently used applications.
  • Invoicing and payment processing: Stop chasing money and collect online payments for different types of products and services offered.
  • Collaborative media development: Build your content and media library in an environment that allows for faster collaboration between team members with different skill sets.
Investment Options
Register now to begin the six month virtual program.
single Tuition
Exclusive six month access. Option to renew.
  • Exclusive Access to Our Secret Facebook Group
  • Actionable Takeaways Loaded in Mobile Project Management
  • Comprehensive Technology Setup, Technical Skills and Productivity Assessment
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions by Zoom (live and recorded)
  • Benchmarking Report Card
  • 100 Credits at
personal coaching intensive
Exclusive six month access. Option to renew.
  • Exclusive Access to Our Secret Facebook Group
  • Private Access to Me
  • Custom Built Action Plans in Project Management
  • Personal FAQ Screen Capture Tutorials
  • Mandatory Private Coaching Sessions by Zoom
  • Personal Assessment and Benchmarking Analysis
  • 10,000 credits at
My practice takes an organization development approach to changing the landscape for how teams work together using the latest technology. Call me or schedule an appointment here.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the program and technology overview?
    We will be using a combination of new hardware and software that anyone (from home) will be able to create high-quality video for training, meetings, and events. But in order to make the most precise recommendations, first we present every participant with the option to take an assessment to discover which software, equipment, and skills they will need to develop in order to show up in a consistently branded professional environment. I own the recommended software and giving you access as an extra value add. Each home studio might require a $1,000 investment or more depending upon the quality and capabilities you want to have. Plan for each user on a minimum of $500 a month in recommended 3rd party software as a service, and some the tools you might already own.
    When does this program start and how long does it last?
    This program starts the day you sign up and will last for six months. You will receive access to take the assessment, invitation to join the secret Facebook group, and action plan you can download onto your mobile device.
    What is your support to us?
    You will receive access to an assessment you need to complete to get started needed to determine your business requirements and skills you need to work on first. Then throughout our weekly group coaching calls, you will be able to ask questions, get coached on best practices in real time, and perform new skills where you colleagues can provide real time feedback on the best outcome. Also, you will have access to our secret Facebook group where we will facilitate all of the discussions. If you subscribe to the intensive program, you will receive more one on one attention and support from me, not delegated to another coach.
    What are the infrastructure (speed, equipment, etc.) requirements for virtual presenters and virtual event producers?
    Presenters must work from an environment that meets the minimum standards recommended and this be enforced internally as policy. It’s recommended that when choosing a live production studio broadcast tool, you need to use your activity monitor open to determine how much RAM is being used at one time with multiple programs open. You can then decide to do nothing, upgrade your hard drive, upgrade your RAM, or replace the laptop and operating system in its entirety. For example, if your RAM is at 95% then there is a chance your computer will crash. Either way, you will always have a choice and my counsel based upon the best available options that are the easiest to integrate and provide the most value.

    Producers must follow the similar guidelines as presenters. However, they should also be held responsible for loading content into media production, building out the shortcuts, coaching presenters on how to best use the environment and more. 
    How can we make this same experience available to our members or franchisees?
    Your members or franchisees will be able to follow the same process you have gone through yourself. The difference is that you can multiple the reach of your brand by setting up your franchisees up for success by recommending our program as a strategic partner and giving them the same branded environments we built from our work together.
    What performance lags have can one experience with broadcasting with the equipment and software you recommend?
    Unfortunately, technology does not always cooperate 100% of the time and there are no guarantees. There could be a failure in the Internet service provider, a failure in the operating system, a failure in the application because of an update (or not updating), or a user error because we are human and need to remind ourselves to never make the same mistake again. There is a whole section of content specifically on reducing performance lags with equipment and software we recommend so you can minimize the technical and human error when creating extraordinary virtual experiences.
    Will all the features seen in live broadcast transfer to what is seen in a recording?
    Livestream video and recorded video are two different final products you will create. We will need to outline the experience you want your participants to have and then determine if they are best suited for livestream, recorded video, or both. In some cases, you can integrate live social media comments into the frame in addition to webcam, screen share, and participant chat.
    Does this work with Teams Live?
    How would you compare and contrast applications like Vmix, Open Broadcaster Studio, Streamlabs, and others?
    Each solution has their own set of unique features, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. First, we need to look at your existing technical capabilities from the presenter or producer, your priorities, integration options, and ability to enable each contributor to get up and running fast on their own. Then we can talk specific tools, features, and process.
    Can the recommended software add new features to the standard software? For example: showing two presenters at a time in Teams Live.
    I think you might be able to do this inside of Microsoft Teams already.
    Are any Zoom or Teams features disabled due to software?
    A challenge with software integration is that anyone who owns the platform can turn off an API overnight and remove an integration that can impact millions of users. The benefit of us working closely together is that you have access to the latest updates from my network so that we have a backup plan in place just in case.
    What kind of training/support/help area does the software you recommend have?
    Technical support on specific software is always up to the provider. However, I will be supporting team members through screen share coaching and creating screen capture videos to help them speed up the rate of implementation and improve their skills.
    Does the producer need to be separate from the speaker?
    No. The producer can be separate from the speaker.
    Do we have to pay for software or hardware upgrades?
    Yes. You have to pay for software and hardware upgrades. Someone in your team is responsible for purchasing product or master account for each product or service.
    Are the programs you recommend compatible with Mac/PC/Android/iOS?
    Answer: Yes. The programs I recommend are compatible with all operating systems and devices. However, some integrations between desktop, tablet, and mobile may not be available so we have provided alternative recommendations in our project management board for you to consider.
    Are there any changes needed to Zoom or Teams necessary for your live broadcasting software to be at its maximum effectiveness?
    During our private and group coaching sessions, we discuss how you can set up each environment for success. We will also create a customized explicit policy for team members you can add to your existing operational guidelines under the new standards we set for your team in how they show up.
    Is the software you recommend on a per person license or a per company license with unlimited usage by a number of people within the organization?
    The pricing for each respective software and licensing alternatives are up to the provider and not me.
    What is the minimum Internet bandwidth do you recommend for this software to work?
    I strongly recommend a minimum Internet speed of 30 mbps on the download and 1 mbps on the upload, which is higher than what most would recommend. This is a strong area of concentration in our conversations with everyone because of the significant cost of not being able to show up or on time.
    What speed computer and processor do you recommend as a minimum for the software to work?
    This all depends upon if your use case however I strongly recommend you have a PC or Mac that was purchased in the last five years and has Quad Core 4.0 hard drive and enhanced video processing, upgraded RAM. There options to upgrade your processor, RAM and Internet speed for the most reliable environment.
    How does licensing/pricing work?
    It is up to the recommended equipment retailer and software as a service provider to charge for own pricing and establish licensing requirements.
    What are the limitations or restrictions regarding types of backgrounds and ability to change backgrounds during a single meeting or broadcast?
    Answer: You can have every type of virtual background saved as an image, animated image, or recorded video. You will be able to change background within a second of you thinking that it is time to switch.
    Can this experience work equally well to Microsoft Teams and Zoom?
    Do you need a third-party event producer?
    No. A producer is optional. Sometimes it helps to have someone help facilitate the session, one or two speak, and someone manage the participant chat only if you have the extra help to improve the quality. Ultimately whomever has speaker view during the video meeting is the producer and special attention should be given to those who most frequently show up in the speaker view.
    What type of information will be covered during the six months?
    Scroll back to the "What we will cover' section of this page.
    Do I have to be a professional speaker, trainer, or instructor to join?
    No. This program is open to anyone who is serious about influencing the conversation during Zoom or Microsoft Team meetings. This could be an executive who wants to drive business results faster. This program could be for a manager who wants to be a better leader. Or this could help an entrepreneur who wants to market their product or service using virtual meetings.
    Do I need to take the assessment?
    Yes. You need to invest the time to take the assessment in order to determine which areas will help you the most in the least amount of time. We will review this assessment during our video coaching calls and help prescribe the best course of action or hold you accountable to improving your skills.
    Do I need to join the secret Facebook group?
    Yes. You need to join the secret Facebook group if you want to receive the most value from participating in this program.
    What happens if I miss the group video coaching call?
    Don't worry. All of our video meetings will be recorded and be accessible inside of our secret Facebook group.
    What is the cancellation policy?
    Sorry, there will be no refunds or transfers to someone else should you not be able to participate in the program. You may however put a temporary hold on your six months in the case of emergency or extreme circumstances.
    I am having problems accessing the online resources and community.  What should I do?
    Please send and email to doug at doug devitre dot com for all issues related to technical support.  Thank you.
    What is
    When I think about how much it would take and how much it would cost, I needed a more cost effective solution to convert the video files I was producing in Zoom and pre-recorded video tutorials from Loom and convert them into multiple file formats. Then, I also needed a way to remove the background from images so I could use in designing images inside of Canva. That's when I decided to make my own tool do just like that and would like to give participants access to save them time too. The service is offered in credits and each minute of conversion is 1 credit. A 60 minute video would store the video for 30 days, convert the video into audio, convert the audio into a text transcript, and create the SRT file which is used at the bottom of social media videos with captioning.
    Measuring Learning Performance
    Once you enroll in the program, you will complete an assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses across several categories to help you deliver better virtual presentations.
    Actionable Checklist
    We have our curriculum created in mobile project management for you to be able to save into your mobile devices, assign to team members, and take massive action.
    Learning Management
    Exclusive Access to secret Facebook Group that includes videos, checklists, templates, sample exercises, and more tools to help you get better.
    Video Coaching Calls
    You will join our weekly group coaching calls to remove barriers, solve problems, and find quick answers to questions that have been holding you back.  In these sessions we will take a deep dive to address your highest priorities and existing performance gaps.
    Our Community
    Participants get Private Access to the Online Learning Community.  This is where instructors go to to get answers fast, share ideas, and collaborate with one another in a trusting environment.

    Learn How to Market and Sell Your Programs Like This...

    Limited to the first 100 participants.
    You will receive deliverables:
    • Assessment: Questions to help prioritize your learning plan.
    • Video coaching: Get real-time feedback on how to improve.
    • Online community: Join like-minded peers who are committed.
    • Massive checklist:  Take action based upon what works.
    • ​Video conversion tool: 100 FREE minutes of
    • Entertainment: I promise to keep it fun!
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